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Ace of Base Box
2023/05/13 Pictures London

Pictures from the concert and meeting in London, have been added.
Ace of Base Box
2023/04/02 New Limited Ace of Base Box

A new Ace of Base box with 340 tracks including unheard demos and 50 unreleased remixes will be released on the 28th of April. You can preorder the box on or
2023/02/04 New Concert Dates

Check our calendar to make sure you don't miss a concert.
2022/12/26 Open And Alive

Don't forget to order your physical copy of "Open and Alive" on

Jenny Berggren Open and Alive
2022/12/09 My Story Album

My Story is back in stock on CDs are signed and numbered.

2022/11/25 Open & Alive Lyrics

Check our > Open & Alive page for the official lyrics, chart positions and more...

2022/11/22 Open and Alive live  / Tik Tok

Don't forget to check our Youtube channel, there you will find the video of the first "Open and Alive" performance > The Jenny Source Youtube Channel

>And you can find us now also on TikTok
2022/11/20 Pictures Leesburg

The first pictures from the show and meeting in Leesburg, USA have been uploaded > Leesburg

2022/11/19 Pictures Acer Meeting

Jenny Berggren Open and Alive
2022/11/18 Open and Alive

The new single "Open and Alive" is out now and available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer
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