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2021/09/27 Ace of Base - 50 Million Sales

Ace of Base reached 50 million sales worldwide. Jenny received the award on stage during the show in Vaughan, Canada presented by Stephane Lamontagne in collaboration with Playground Music.

The award is a 30 x 30 inch tall masterpiece with a group picture printed on glass, all the album covers, roses pattern from the Happy Nation artwork and a golden LP.

Picture by Annika Sievertsson
2021/09/27 90's Nostalgia Canada

More pictures from Vaughan, Canada have been uploaded, provided by Mona and Emelie
2021/09/26 90's Nostalgia Canada

The first pictures from Vaughan, Canada provided by Roberto have been uploaded.
2021/06/03 German TV Show

Jenny will appear on the German TV Show "Gottschalks große 90er Show" (ZDF) on July, 24th. The show has been recorded recently in Offenburg.
2021/04/29 YouTube Updates

We uploaded a better version of the Skellefteå interview and the Ace of Base concert in Vilnius.
2020/12/05 Christmas Calender

Don't forget to check our YouTube Christmas Calendar.
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