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2023/02/04 New Concert Dates

Check our calendar to make sure you don't miss a concert.

2022/12/26 Open And Alive

Don't forget to order your physical copy of "Open and Alive" on

Jenny Berggren Open and Alive
2022/12/09 My Story Album

My Story is back in stock on CDs are signed and numbered.

2022/11/25 Open & Alive Lyrics

Check our > Open & Alive page for the official lyrics, chart positions and more...

2022/11/22 Open and Alive live  / Tik Tok

Don't forget to check our Youtube channel, there you will find the video of the first "Open and Alive" performance > The Jenny Source Youtube Channel

>And you can find us now also on TikTok
2022/11/20 Pictures Leesburg

The first pictures from the show and meeting in Leesburg, USA have been uploaded > Leesburg

2022/11/19 Pictures Acer Meeting

Jenny Berggren Open and Alive
2022/11/18 Open and Alive

The new single "Open and Alive" is out now and available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer
Jenny Berggren Open and Alive
2022/11/15 Releasedate

The new single "Open and Alive" will be released on November the 18th
> Pre Order the single now
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