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Report by Ray
12:00 We arrive at the concert hall.

12:05 We discover that a door is open to the concert hall, and get to the public area, 2 people are doing a sound check with instruments

12:10 We go outside again and wait at the one side of the building.

12:30 A Car pulls up. We see Jenny sitting in the car. We walk towards the car and Jakob gets out and says „hello“ he gets in again and drives up to the other side of the building, and we decide to go over there. Standing there, Jenny and Jakob are talking and say hello, we introduce ourselves and talk to Jenny for while. Jakob was pretty quiet right then. She tells us that she has been to a campsite in The Hague, and that the Netherlands have lots of water. They asked us where the entrance to the building was and we showed them in. We walked to the other side of the building and on the way she asked lots of questions and she made it clear she was happy that we came all this way. Then I asked her if I could film, but she said no because she does not like it when she is not wearing make-up! We walk in. Jenny and Jakob enter the hall, we remain in the hallway.

12:45 Rehearsal begins. The first song she rehearsed was LIAF, and it sounded great. After that we were sent outside by the boss.

12:55 Jan Euren (boss) came outside again and took us to the music cafe accross the street, where we were given posters and were told to wait.

15:00 We went to the concert hall again. We got the tickets for free. We sat at in the audience.

15:30 Concert began.

16:50 End of concert.

17:00 Jakob came to us and told us to wait.

18:05 Jenny came out of the dressing room with Jakob’s dad and it seemed like she was looking for something

18:06 She was looking for us, and started talking again. She told us to wait five minutes and then we could come backstage.

18:08 Jenny called us and we were let into the dressing rooms. Jakob was helping his mother with the dishes! We went to another room with Jenny. There we talked about the trip to Sweden. I gave her a paper of the French Fanclub. After that we interviewed her.

Some things out of the interview:

– In Februari she is going to perform during the Filmfestival with Magnus Rosen. Just for fun.
– Most of the songs (aob) are recorded in The Barn.
– Jakob does not write any songs for Ace of Base’s new album, and he never will. One time he worked together with Jonas on „Herrens Sanning“.
– The five songs listed on Warner Chappel site are Jenny’s
– The Jenny solo album is more of a combination of Jakob/Jenny
– Four songs are ready for the Ace of Base album
– She hopes it will be released in summer. But she has her doubts, and makes that quite clear.
– The new album has a „Flowers“ style
– The songs that will be on the new album are not decided yet, and it depends on the record companies.
– Malin will be back as she was in Happy Nation era.
– Without Malin there is no Ace of Base, Ace of Base is four people, always has been always will be. For ten years there have been stories about Linn and they are used to it already.

After that we took some pics and had our posters and Swedish soccer shirt signed. After that she started talking about us coming to Sweden just for this again. She also said that she had heard that there would be Dutch fans, but that she did not believe it. She had to leave to prepare again. We said goodbye to everyone and walked back to the hallway where Jakob was standing. He asked us what we were going to do, and we said „Well watch the second concert“, which made him smile. He then also signed the shirt. We then thanked him for letting us in the dressing rooms. He too had to leave to concentrate on the concert. We walked back to our spot in the hall.


The Dam Busters
Tema ur / theme from Concierto de Aranjuez
Jakob – Ur Pianokonsert nr 2
Jenny – This Is Why I Sing To You
Home Stretsch
Jenny – Flowers, Medley
A Salute To The Big Apple
Jakob – Rhapsody In Rock
Jenny – För Kärleks Skull
Ankan Och Hackspetten
Jakob – Little Joe From Chicago
Jenny – Give Me The Faith
Pomp and Circumstance

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