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Interview with Magnus Rosén

Big thanks to Magnus Rosén for answering the questions.
How does it feel to finally have the album released?

It it really fun, because it is a democratic work  that we did! I could release the album at my own small and ordinary  record label, because it is very difficult to get people to believe in  such personal and good music!

How many songs were written in total for the Arose project?

We wrote all 10 songs.

Swedish people said that it is difficult to find  the album in the stores, are they just sold in particular stores and  through the internet?

It should be possible to order the album in all  stores! Border music is the company that sells the CDs to the stores, if  they don’t have it in stock. You can also buy the album on my website and you even have the possibility to download the album. More information can be found on my website as well.

Are you gonna tour with Arose if so, will Jenny Berggren be with you as well, or is she just doing studio work for Arose?

We don’t have plans for a tour! But Jenny is a member  of the band. So she is gonna be included in live performances, of  course! Maybe we are doing a performance at Gothenburg’s Hard Rock Café  in spring!

How did it happen that she became a part of Arose?

I was protesting against the closing of a music  school in Kungälv in front of the parish hall! Jenny was there as well  and protested. We thought that music and creative interests are  important for the youth. That was the first time we met. I told her  about my project. Jenny got interested for the project Arose, and said  in case we would need help she would be there. Because of the reason  that she is a very efficient, nice and earth near person it was very  natural for us to ask her to be a permanent member of the band. So last  but not least she became a member of Arose.

Did you plan to have a female part in the group from the beginning or was it just a coincidence?

It was just a coincidence like many things in life.

Most important question for all Acers =P Did Jenny suggest Linn Berggren to sing the backing vocals? If not how did this happen?

Malin had listened to the songs and she liked them.  We met several times and the question was simply asked. It was very nice  to get the chance working with her. She was even part of the creative  process, when she was doing the backing vocals for the song „High Life“!

What part plays Jakob Petrén, Jenny’s husband, in Arose as we saw him at the performances at TV:4’s Nyhetsmorgon?

Because we didn’t have the chance for brass  instruments (saxophone, trumpet, trombone), Jakob’s name appeared. That  was the easiest decision to solve the problem. A very nice and efficient  musician (keyboard)! So we spend some very nice days while we were in  Stockholm.

What are the future plans with Arose? Are more  albums planned and will the staff be the same or are you going to  change the people within the project?

Jenny Berggren is going to stay in the band and she will get a bigger part as singer and writer.

Thanks a lot for the interest in our band Arose!

Kind regards Magnus Rosén
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