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Notes    by Sara:

To be able to understand some    things Jenny says, you will need to refer to the    "white board" picture.
The blank spaces in this    transcript are where the words are difficult for me to hear/understand. Feel free to fill in the blanks if    you have the ability to do so.

Sometimes people from the      audience say something. When this happens, it is marked with [brackets]. My personal notes are      marked with (parenthesis). Longer pauses are      marked by ...dots ...
This      is a speech given by Jenny at Landvettera's congregation center on October      20, 2004. Approximately 25-30 people were in attendance. The theme of the talk she gave      was "The skill of combining the artist life with a life in the service of God." (This      is a play on words. In the service of God has a double meaning here, both literally and also meaning worship.)
     Transcript file #1
Singing      "Du ? Tarre" (It was only Jenny this evening. A      guy named Mats was playing keyboards as accompaniment.) Before      I usually speak in front of people, I usually talk... I have to have the white board...___________... (rolls      in white board). It isn't quiet to roll in white      boards... (People      talking, moving and then Jenny passes around baskets of food that were served just before the speech)
Send      these out here so everyone can take some. Serviettes that aren't being served. ____ How nice..[We'll do it this      way]... Would you like some grapes? ___________. If      you all eat too terribly much, you will put a little bit more money in      there, right? (referring to basket containing money). Would      you like a ______(some type of food), my dear? Do you assume      responsibility for them?
It's      like this, when I speak to people, I have a base idea about what I am      going to talk about. It is ______ and actually don't have      any notion of what I am going to speak about      because I don't know you. I have no idea where you are      from, who has been bothersome to you today or who      has been loving.. and not ____ because that's usually not the case. (?) I      usually always begin with a prayer to get the right perspective on the      night. So you are also more than welcome to pray with me      if you'd like.
Lord,      thank you that you are here tonight. Thank you for holding me and everyone who is here in Your hand. Come in Holy      Spirit and let there be a right life inside of us      and what you would like to say to us (?). Thank you for being our      source and our comfort. And we pray that You will      be with us this moment. Amen......
Good.      A proper pen for my visit here. It looks quite charming when you are throwing baskets at each other. I will use that as something for next time.
My      life, my everyday day when I work in different ways, I don't think is so      very different but is about average, a little good,      little bad. Certain periods of time are a little      worse and other times are a little better. But certain parts of      every period have moments where it is actually      completely wonderful to be alive.
And    when you talk about topography, do you know what it is? Is there someone who can explain it? Because I am not so great    at explaining topography. [Woman who describes]...    High points... [Woman continuing to    describe..]. High points.
Have    you every been out orienteering sometime? Do try it, you get lost right from the start. I have tried it.
Is    there someone who has been out to sea? Because then you can sometimes have a sonar if you have a good boat, or you can    have a good sonar too.. Then you can see how deep it    is.
And    here we have both up and down so it can be measured. (draws up and down    arrows on board) I am going to talk about my    life and my journey, how it has gone up and down. Up,    I'm putting a very strange plus, and down I'm    putting a minus. And then a zero as a main (stumbles    on something while drawing straight line). Here we have a little break. Oh, how messy it turned out!
Today    I am 32, and 5, and a half you could say, a little more than 32 years old.    And I was born in Partille. My mother gave birth to    me like many others here (audience laughs) and I was    raised by mom and dad and my brother and my    sister. I was the youngest. And something happened    already back then when I was, shall we say, 3 years. I'm putting a 3 here, there we go. What happened then    was that mom, I could have been two, I dont    recall, but my dad became my closest friend. Dad    came and got me when I cried at night, dad was the one who I should call on    when I was scared. Dad came and comforted me and    gave me oatmeal and water and what I wanted. And took    me to the bathroom, those kinds of    things dad did. So then, I'll write change here.
How    can you see what I am writing here? Because it is so dark in here. Should I change pens? Is it ok? Is it ok in the back? [It's    ok]. Good. You can of course ask each other or    otherwise throw some stuff at me if there is something because I feel it's important that everyone follows along.
So    I will write a change to Partille, then it gets really strange, but you understand why I am writing that? I'll write dad. So I got a    little change there to my dad who took care of me    when I was little. And it was naturally    also difficult because it maybe made me a little more    insecure with my siblings.
So    when I was six, seven... I'll write with another pen instead. When I was    six, seven I began small preschool, yes something,    something like a nursery in any case and this time    was one of the more difficult times in my life because    there was a girl whose name was Marie in my class.    And Marie was unbelievably mean to everyone and even succeeded in shutting me down. I was alone and had no one to    play with. I was    on the outside and there was no one who supported me and said I should join    in. It continued for at least 3 years. So    I?m writing... So, I'll write Marie here.
I    apologize if anyone here is named Marie. It?s not that I dislike people    named Marie. When I meet her I will take up some things    with her, I think. So, writing Marie (writes on    board).
Marie    was nuts and now I will somehow, between plus and minus, draw these first years. You understand that it gets a little    strange. ________. (starts drawing line from top of    chart) It was very fun to be born, I suppose. I buy it    anyway..
And    here, when dad came I think it got a little bit strange like that (referring    to autopography she draws on the board), and I believe    it got even worse when Marie came (draws line further    down on chart). Because I didn't have anyone, at    all.
That?s    the way it was. Then, we got new people in the class who had a little the head and I found a lot of new people to    play with and had an enormous amount of fun. I'm not    going to say anymore about that, you know.  ______(unintelligible)
   Transcript file #2
Life    turned around, very powerfully somewhere there and when I was around 13, I    began to go to...I began to understand what it meant to be Christian. My parents are Christian, I had always gone to church and such and not ______, but    often left up to me, __________. And I met ______ (someone) there. [woman at the front table: I've    never heard about that] What? [I've never heard] Mmm. [woman commenting]    Yes.

It    was really fun actually. A really nice time, and at the same time, I    understood that this thing with God that came into my life    was, it was a little nerdy. And I played violin and thought it was, it was    not the coolest thing I have    done, so to speak, because they strongly teased someone who played in front    of me. I don?t know why but I    didn't like to be teased. I had experience with that. I was afraid for them    to know. I didn't want to show my    violin. I didn't want to be ex, outside again either. Now I understood that    if I were Christian then it could    very well happen that they pointed me out at school sometime. So that then    when I thought, I feel that it    is ok to be Christian, then it was just great.

And    when I was 15...a very strange thing happened in my life. That camp that I    had been at, it was ?. It has been nice with ?.    And there I had my.. Just when I had been out one night, my mother came and said, "Jenny, come into    the kitchen because I have something I must tell you. I have cancer and I    have a 3 to 4% chance of    survival." And then everything collapsed. So, out there at the confirmation    camp, I turned 16... And I had very big    questions and one night I sat in evening prayers and looked out onto the    wonderfully    beautiful sea which is there and watched the sun set. Turned 16 and sang    Bible verses. The Bible?s text was "So shall God?s    peace, which surpasses all your understanding, give your heart and your    thoughts protection in Christ    Jesus" And all I could think of was that my mom may not be alive later. And    that a big pillar in my life that I    stood on, who was my mother, naturally. The other was my father who I knew    from long ago and very well. I    had big strong pillars and the one was going to give way. And I had seen how things went with my    friend?s big sisters who had cancer, (description of the difficulties they    faced) you give up______ . You fall out.    You become.. In some way, it was so extremely difficult to think that it    would work at all.

And    what I sang that night when the sun set and I was going to accompany Niklas,    it in some way became real to me, that when I    tell God everything I need, I need this God, I need even this. I need    something which supports if mom    passes on. And I wasn?t allowed to understand more of these thoughts in such    a case. And then He spoke    to me in some way, then this protection seeped in. I did not get another    pillar because I knew that it    would tumble.

Do    you understand what I am saying now?, that I received a totally new    experience of what God could be. That He could comfort me    when it was so devastating that my mother might die. I understood that. And    it was God?s protection. So,    I'm writing... I'm writing cancer here.

I    would like to pull up this time again. I want to sing a song for you about    what I felt exactly in this moment. And even if this is a    _______ (different type of song), sung by Mauro Scocco, it gives an    extremely good picture about how I would    never be abandoned, regardless of what goes on, how God would always find a way to me no matter how    far away I was.

"Du är aldrig ensam" (Interesting to note that Jenny sang this song a little    differently than times before. This time she changed a    few pronouns in the song to give the audience a clearer picture of what she means when she spoke    about how God would always find a way to her. With the slight pronoun    changes, the song changes from one    person singing about someone else to a person singing about God.)

   Transcript file #3

I    was at the confirmation. It was a brilliant day. I had given my first ever    theatre performance. It was awful. But I was at the    confirmation service and we were dressed in white, all 36 confirmed. And I    knew it then already, that this    was a certain thing that I can say yes to. I wanted everything in my life    and everything    I was to do in the future, regardless of what could happen to me, I wanted    so very much to have that feeling that filled me    then, to fill me continuously. So I said yes, and during the confirmation    service's last song, I even asked to    sing because I remember that I thought it was so fun. It would have been so    nice if I was able to make    something of this big moment, I thought, because I, the violin. I sang with    the violin too. My violin teacher didn't like that. But I thought that she could very well play and I could sing instead. Poor Birgitta Ströberg. In    any case, then this strange time after confirmation came when I, I was a    part of KU, Youth of the church, ("Kyrkans    Ungdom") and one of those fired up speakers came, a big man with a lot of authority and he passed    out prophecies left and right. And I thought that they were a little    debatable, but for me, he said, Jenny    you will sing and write, or sing, something about flowers. I thought, sure,    it sounds a little fun that I, I    can see myself doing that sometime when I grow up. I would write a little    poem about flowers or do something    else having to do with flowers, maybe be a florist. You never know, right?

Then    a big success train came and it stopped in Göteborg and took me, my sister,    and my brother, and Ulf Ekberg. We struck out via    our music. We came to Denmark first. Ace of Base came in at number 1 and number 2 on the sales, as    singles on the sales chart, and I thought we were a few steps away from Norway, or from, from    Norway, actually from England. Where did that come from? (Referring to    herself saying Norway at first    instead of the intended England). Then we traveled to Norway. We were as successful there. A few    questions and interviews. I was still going to school. I was going to be a    teacher in child studies and    English, and that?s the way it was because you should have the keys and    that?s good. Because you shouldn?t    continue with such because it doesn?t work. (such meaning being in a band)

So    we became, ______ (<--a group?, travelers?) for nearly ten years and still    are. We travel around and I have found many new    friends, as luck would have it. Some are here tonight. How fun. I have    spoken with many dependable and good    people. I have had the opportunity to see different environments. I didn?t    think I    would get to London. I am so terribly bad at saving. So, I thought that I    would never have savings enough for that airplane ticket.    I have been to London many times. And then I have been in the USA and I have    had big long limousines pick    me up at the hotel. I have been to the Grammy Awards. I have received    American Music Awards. I have    received Billboard Awards. I, who can barely give my speeches have stood in    front of very many people and said    "Thank you very much. That was great." I remembered a lot of phrases and sentences and my friends    here know that I cannot hold down a theme when I tell an ordinary story.    Except that is the typical    incredible that, I won't.. (?) But I will write the groups name here.    (Writes Ace of Base on the board). We were,    our first album was the best selling in world history. Still is. We have had    huge success.

It    is fantastic in a way, only because it was not really me who, and people who    know me know this, that it is not really me to    travel around in long cars and chat in English and be someone who would be a    snobby pop star. Not at all me.    And there were two parts here. It was a little bit like the text in the song    this evening, that I was very    lonely. I had strange problems. I had been very lost, difficult to get    grounded when I came home. I used one    soap, one hand soap, in two years. And it was never because I never washed.    I was never home. How many    bars of soap do you use in a year? Have you thought about that? (people laugh, whisper to each    other). Soap disappears, especially the pump soaps that are so talked about.    I had a small ugly dry soap and    it was a little scary, you could say. I was very lonely and I began to long    for home. I was out and had    fantastic travels and I flew nearly all the time. I think I have flown over    a thousand times and I    have.. I am thankful, I am unbelievably thankful for everything I have been    able to be a part of, but at the    same time there was a piece of me that wanted to go home. I wanted to go    home to my friends. I wanted to    call and say that ?I have just been to the statue of Christ in Sao Paulo,    did you know that they built it with    limestone from Sweden?? I wanted to say that to someone. I would like for    them to come over and say, how    cool, did you buy any souvenirs? Was it tall? Was it big? Was it all white?    Could you believe you were    there? What fun! But it was those soaps. Really, it was those things which    life was made    of.

So    I had been alone during all of my experiences. And then, every time I came    home and then I called, now I am home? and then the knowledge I had from of all the places, things I had done came pouring out. And then I traveled out    again. I was home and I washed clothes. It takes about a day if you had a    ton of baggage, very _____. I    paid all the bills, many in any case, and I.. called around and met as many    as possible and then I    packed again and then I left. So I was home maybe three, or two days per    month, basically for two years.    And we worked during the summer too. And then I realized, finally _________    (<-- during    some date) we decided together at ________ (<--some place), ?No, now we will    say no, now we will relax and land a    bit. Now we will go home and we will have a wonderful summer, a Swedish    summer and we will be really tan    and we will be really lazy and should be able to buy something for the money    we have earned and maybe    will buy a car for mom and dad. And above all, get a summary too (?).? You    can do such things when you make    money from your profession. And then I began to want this and that. And I know that I bought a new    carpet from IKEA for myself. I bought myself a new wardrobe. I bought a    great new bed. And to put up my    records, I bought a stool. I have a lot of bedroom space and happily have it    still.

I    came home. I came home the 25th of April 1994...(writing on board). I?m    writing the 26th because that is the date I want to get    to. I came home to my parent's home then. I went and laid down and fell    asleep around 12. I had seen    that there was someone standing outside, that type that you don?t really    know who it is. I thought that it was    maybe someone who.. because there were many people around our house so I thought it was maybe    someone who only wanted an autograph or something. It doesn?t have to be dangerous. I went and    laid down and slept. I didn't wake up until she stood there with a knife    against my throat.

She    herself burned.., burned out wood.._______________.(<-- making a small    comment on her choice of words.) and carved into    our door and got into my room and woke me up with a knife against my throat.    I had no idea what she    wanted. She asked, do you speak German? And I did, of course. And our conversation    was very strange due to the threats and the violence she held towards me.    And creep, crept, around my bed and switched    different grips on me and I gradually found out that she wanted to speak    with my parents.

Transcript file #4

And    I tried to describe where it was, where they slept but she asked me to show    the way. So, I got up out of the bed and up the    stairs, struggling with this woman with the knife. And I went into my mom's    bedroom ______ and I did not know    what was going to happen. Either she was completely, because she certainly had, she didn?t want,      there was nothing that she wanted from me, from me as a person. Didn't      want an autograph ______, I      don't know but extremely angry and she screamed at me that she loathed me.      And we came up to the bedroom      and I thought, when we reach ______(something/someone), what will she do?      Is she going to slit my      throat and wake my mom just before so she will see it or will she make me      watch that thing she does to my      mom when I turn to my mother? So right there I completely lost all      concentration. I have actually forgotten      these moments. And I yelled, evidently. Mom wakes up like a lion so she      could get this German woman and      disarm her. The police come and she was put in jail and, in most cases,      everything      is fine. And me, I have never been a part of anything like it. Have never      been involved in an attack.

My      first reaction that I had was that my mom and dad never taught me how to      handle painful things. They had answers here when I      was teased. Thy could come with some suggestions, but Jenny try and      attempt to______ one time? and      ? I understand you?. And even here. (pointing to mother's cancer). Yes, it      can happen in many ways.      Well, certain things they could say, ?oh, but it is this way.? ?It will be      this way? and ?I understand you.? It is      important. You have many questions. Impossible questions in a way. So I      noticed a very strange thing      then. This is happy Jenny who had so much fun. (pointing to AOB on chart)      I was a little lonely along the way      and longed for home, came home.. and ________another life. It was like two      different people.

I      had never been part of such a large strange experience. Such a dramatic      thing that it fixed itself close to me, I felt. And I had a      very difficult time. But at the same time, I thought that I was rather      sheltered. People were very nice      and friendly. I enjoy my job very much. I loved to sing and loved to meet      people anywhere. It was not      there the problem sat, it sat somewhere else. It was so connected      somewhere and this was how it was      everywhere. And so this was something that needed to be fixed. And, little      by little, I went to a priest, who      is bound to professional secrecy, as you know. It is great. There was no      one who was going to gossip to      some newspaper the next day if I talked about something. So I didn't waste      any time saying that it      could be this way, that it felt like I'm sitting inside a washing machine      sometimes. My life doesn?t fit together.      It is weighed down with all this sorrow. There was some form of anxiety I      had. I felt very bad and the first      year began having nightmares.

So,      I had no one I could speak to about what happened to me. And the priest      said that it was probably best to travel back to where      it all happened. I moved from there the first night. ? It is best to travel      back to your house and sit down. Go into the house and confront this pain again. It is the only way to come out of it.? And that was about the      equivalent of taking these writing pens here and sticking them right in      your eye. That's what I am      talking about. It's obvious that you just don't do that because it is so      painful. It was completely unnecessary      to deal with that difficult memory.

I      sang with my mom and dad many years later. It was two or three years later      and it was a very wonderful worship service and I      left and drove my car and it was the first spring day. And I ended up very      close to that house. Now I am      going to find out, I thought. It feels like a good day, you know? Now I am      going to get a handle on what the      priest said that time. So, I went up and sat in front of the house. And I      locked the doors in the car and      sat and really curled myself up.

I      hoped that no one saw me in the car. I sat just beside the house on the      street. And so, I said, good Lord, what is Your will? What      is Your will in all this? And then I remembered what day it was. I had      traveled there the 26th of      April. I sat there on the anniversary a few years later, 96, 96.. Or 97, I      don't remember. It is not important in      the context.

So,      I was able to cry. Oh, how I cried. I cried. I usually don?t cry. I am      really good at not crying. I cry when I am happy. Then I will      well up when it is wonderful.. ?Oh, hurray!? But      when I feel bad, I resolve to go out to the hairdresser or      the chiropractor. But then I cried. I was completely another there as      well. God, I cried from the bottom of my      soul. For I knew this pain was real. And so I saw a picture. I saw a      picture that had to do with this I want      to discuss, but not at all so clouded. A very clear picture. And it was      how something existed.

I      could understand up (points to top of chart) and down (points to bottom of      chart). It was the best and it was the worst. That I      could understand. But God, He is not confined by anything. He is over all      and supporting all, and      most of all supporting all, I experienced then.

So,      somewhere, there was just one big hole, here. Here. (points to where line      went off the chart between AOB and April 26).      There is a hole here.. And in that hole a totally different thing poured      in. An extremely strong feeling of love      and peace that can?t be explained. I won?t even try to attempt explaining.      I believe, as a matter of fact, that      many of you really know exactly what I am talking about. And that is what      I believe in. (Draws a red line from      the bottom of the hole between AOB and April 26 to the top of the chart).

It      came in here (points to hole) and it came in here also (Draws the second      red line from bottom of chart). And somehow I      understood it because of this (points to attack). And it is here. And it      is around every person. So very big and      so very strong that you really don?t understand what it is. Much greater      than we understand, as I sang.      And it came in there. And it was an absolutely absolutely special day for      me. I began      to believe in God even more differently than I had done before. And it was      lucky that I was able to take part in that      experience. Because when I turned 27 years old.. (using pen). So you know      what happened here. My dad      became another too. He died.. (writing on board) And I am writing that in      here. And it went, I knew it this time. I knew that he would. And I now knew that this thing would come again. I became another for a    little while.

But    He will heal the things that are broken just as He always heals things He    receives in His hands when you tell them to Him. And    rightly so, these healings have taken place. It has taken years and a part    of me will always grieve. A    part of my mom will always grieve. And that?s the way life is. But it is    strange. When things are at their    worst, there is always someone who.. when dad died    there was a wise person who said, ?Jenny, open your eyes so    you see all the angels who are standing around you.? And I thought that it    was a little strange. I have    never seen angels. I would have been scared out of my wits. And God of    course knows that I would have gone    mad if I were to meet angels who console, if I got to see a ?live? angel    that way.

So, that we?ll dismiss. But there were many other things which occurred. Small cards came. Very elegant conversations with people    took place. And there were so many other things which I saw as these angels that came into the    surroundings.

I    believe that another part of me became so many years wiser and more    sensible. And you can perceive quite a lot of things,    that you can somewhere fight your way back and see, ?well now, this can be    good when things are bad?.    But, I nevertheless know certain things. And I believe that a bit of what I    have experienced, that when I    have spoken with those to be confirmed and others, I know that if I had not spoken then and had not    talked about how difficult this was and that there is a good God despite the    fact that there are so many    bad things that can happen, I know that they might not be alive today.

Transcript file #5
I    have completely finished describing about this..    part. It looks like I have a very difficult life. I have not focused on the positive,    not today. It looks like I am not a happy person but I have a terribly good    time when I have fun so you    have to take it as it looks here. But    the important thing is, I feel, is that I have told you everything. When my    own limitations are evident, when I don?t understand,    He understands.

This    song that I?m speaking about, that I really didn?t want when I was 16 and    when I was 18 and in KU heard a discussion and    talk about flowers. I believe I have not done one single CD without either    having sang about or had a big flower on the cover, and it isn?t me who has chosen it.

I    wrote a song about this attack on one of my records called "Ravine" and    there was just one word in it I did not write. I sang    "was a plant". I felt it was an incredibly poetic word. And then I took it    to Tommy Ekman, that poor man, who    got these lyrics in front of him and then said, ? But Jenny, you can't sing    "plant". ?Yeah, it should be a one    syl, a one syllab, syll, one syl, syllab, I don?t know. What is it called?    [woman: One    syllable]. One syllable word. Good. It should be a one syllable word I    thought. Then he said, ?No, it should be "flower". How    am I supposed to take that? How could he know what this big strong American, who had been on exchange    in KU said so many years ago? That, I don?t have a clue about. But suddenly,    I stood on huge stages    singing about flowers. And furthermore, I had written, oh yes, it was him    who wrote the word. I    thought that I should sing a song as a closing and it is a song in English.    Incredibly light handwriting so I barely see it in front of    me. (Looking at paper with lyrics/music). And there are some words which I    have underlined on here. One    is "face to face". "I'm longing to see you one day face to face" and it is    not only Him I will see but dad    too. And the whole time I'm singing, "how lovely you are to me". _______,    that was tough. I am also singing    "God of creation" because that was one of the pictures when I sat in the car    with the central locks on. I    was frightened and cried and, at the same time, I received such a deep peace    which I had never experienced.

So,    I received the picture that just as I was broken and in pieces from this    experience, other things can be broken and in pieces too.    This camera, when it breaks down Henrik, soon. You don?t really go to Bosse Larsson and ask if he can    sing it back together. You don?t go to a plant shop either and wonder what    you can give it so that it    grows back up again. And these things are obviously childish things I am    saying, really childish, but I believe    we are so dumb sometimes. That the things which are difficult in our lives,    we don?t go to our creator and ask    if he has the blueprints and plans for it. Not at first, but instead we try    other things.

I    go to the chiropractor and my hairdresser and so on. I also try a little    something else. I speak with my friends and see if it can    lift me up a little and it does. But certain things, when dealing with what    you ought to do about some    difficulties in life and what you ought to do when you have an uncertain    future, then you have no, then you go, you    try to fill the hole, in a way, with these types of things that aren?t    enough. Sort of like when you use a    wishing well which holds, or gets, money when you have a need for your own    life. And He can give you that.

But,    with my broken camera, you naturally go to..I actually don?t know where you    go. You go to the camera guy or you buy a new one.    [man: you buy a new one] [woman: yes, exactly. He goes and says can I please have a new camera, ______    ]. No, but in any case, you definitely know that there is someone who    created it, who has blueprints    for it and if there is a screw loose, the one who has created it knows where    it goes.

Now    I have a lot of screws loose, so I won't continue with this witnessing. "God    of creation" this song reverently states, and I    too shortly because I feel it is so fantastic that when I break down and    fall apart, when you break down and    fall apart, there is someone who knows, ?She has gone through this/these things. This person needs    such and such to manage their future?. Because He has created us, He knows precisely, exactly. He    creates every day. Constantly He creates.

And    those things that are strange in our lives, He creates anew. He creates life    where there is death. I knew a pair who were    going to break up. And I had spoken a long time with this woman who was    going to leave her guy and then I    said, ?I don?t have any advice to give you except to go into the church,    light a candle, and you will know    that the love which is dead for you, He can bring to life. Go in and light a    candle.? And today they are still    together. And I don't believe that it was me who was so smart and sat and    spoke with her on the balcony    in the brilliance of Spring but I believe it was God himself. Because she    was in another country and you    cannot give such comfort over the telephone. But God can and He does.

Transcript file #6
(music    begins)

Also,    if there are some who know this song and want to follow along or sing with,    I feel that it is the finest solace (?) I know when    people sing a lot together. So in that case, let me hear it this evening.

--"Lovely    Lord" - originally by Petra
I    have spoken about difficult passages when I have been very afraid and how I    have come through it. It was not always me. There    is someone else who should have the glory for it, so He can gladly have it.    And I hope that you have a    very nice night tonight and that you have taken something with you this    evening. And    so, I also ask that, if there was something which landed strange or wrong, I    want you to speak with me rather than simply    leaving and carrying around a big burden in your heart. I think that's    _______. In all seriousness, it is    important, yes? That it has made sense, those things which I have said. And    if I have gone astray and forgotten    the whole point and all, my friends will say something. Thank you so much.

(Applause)    (presentation of gifts. Flowers for Jenny, key chain for Mats the keyboard    player)

[woman:    (presents flowers to Jenny). Not such a bad gift after all since you spoke    about flowers.] (gives flowers as gift).

Jenny:    Yes, thank you. I am going to be singing a little more.

[woman:    Thank you so very much that you shared your story -- etc etc --. And I think    we all recognize ourselves in your words.    --etc, etc-- Mats actually didn?t know that he was going to help with the    music today -- etc, etc ---    (Mats gets a key chain for a gift). -- etc, etc --]
[other    woman talking about the series: You are all welcome back to our next "Close    to the heart" series --- etc, etc. --- (speaks    from 5:35-7:10)]
(Some    dialogue here between woman speaking, Jenny, and audience response)

Jenny:    I thought that we could very well sing together. I get to hear everybody    together here. "Bred Dina Vida Vingar".    _______________.
--"Bred    Dina Vida Vingar" - originally by Lina Sandell

(15 seconds pass)

written and provided by Sara
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