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Så mycket bättre

„Push Play“, „Come“, „Älskar Dig Till Döds“, „Lever Så Här“ and „Så Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet“ songs Jenny performed in the Swedish TV show „Så mycket bättre“ … Read More

ESC – Let Your Heart be Mine

In 2011 Jenny took part in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix which is nothing less as the qualification show for the Eurovision Song Contest. She was one of 10 finalists and a so called wildcard entry… Read More

Donna Summer

Donna Summer was a close friend of Jenny since they had met during the „Night of the Proms“ concerts in Antwerp, Belgium in 2005. Jenny and Donna have done some writing sessions together with their resp. husbands… Read More

The Abba Orchestra

A totally unique show where the original band of ABBA, sold more than 360 million records, got reunited just for one purpose, to tour again through Sweden and present the well known but also not so well known songs of ABBA… Read More


When Jenny and Magnus Rosén met at a demonstration against the closing of a music school they didn’t know where destiny would lead them. But as both are musicians with heart and soul it was just a question of time until the conversation led to the fave topic… Read More

Psalmer För Livet

The „Psalmer För Livet“ records are a part of a project that started when Gothenburg’s priest Lars Westberg was thinking about every Sundays special message, which he wrote down in verses in combination to his service preparations… Read More

2005 - 2006
En Utsträkt Hand

All Ace of Base members are involved in several charity projects. They have often talked about it, but we actually don’t know that much about their charity work. So far we only know about a record for the homeless people… Read More


When Jenny was on top of the charts with Ace of Base she seemed to want to do something different. Still she wanted to express herself with music, but not in the way she’s doing it with Ace of Base… Read More


In October 1991 Jenny recorded 2 Songs with the Swedish group Masque. She sang the leadvocals in „Behind Thoughts“ and the backingvocals in „Halfroom“… Read More

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