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The Abba Orchestra

Jenny in the footsteps of ABBA

A totally unique show where the original band of ABBA, who sold more than 360 million records, reunited just for one purpose, to tour again through Sweden and present the well known but also not so well known songs of ABBA. Therefore they chose some of Swedens most famous and loved artists to perform with.

The band, the artists and entertainer Claes af Geijerstam invited the audience to a journey with a lot of hits which are known all around the world.

The original ABBA orchestra consisted of

Ola Brunkert – Drums
Rutger Gunnarsson – Bass
Mats Ronander – Guitar and singer
Janne Schaffer – Guitar
Ake Sundqvist – Percussions and drums
Lasse Wellander – Guitar

The artists were

Gunilla Backman
Jenny Berggren
Magnus Carlsson
Thomas Di Leva
Tove Jaarnek
Jerry Williams

Misc entertainers of the show

Claes „Clabbe“ af Geijerstam – entertainer
Svante Persson – Bandmaster and keyboards
Lasse Jonsson – Guitar
Peter Ljung – Keyboard
Wojtek Goral – Saxophone
Viktor Sand – Saxophone
Peter Jezewski – Guitar and vocals


1. Voulez Vous (Gunilla Backman, Tove Jaarnek, Jenny Berggren and Magnus Carlsson)
2. Summer Night City (Gunilla Backman, Tove Jaarnek, Jenny Berggren and Magnus Carlsson)
3. The Name of the Game (Thomas Di Leva)
4. Why Did it Have to Be Me (Mats Ronander)
5. Ricky Rock’n’Roller (Jerry Williams)
6. Slippin‘ Through My Fingers (Gunilla Backman)
7. I’m a Marionette (Jenny Berggren,  Magnus Carlsson)
8. Kisses of Fire (Tove Jaarnek)
9. Rock Me (Magnus Carlsson)
10. Does Your Mother Know (Williams)
11. I Have a Dream/Fernando/Chiquitita/Hasta Manana/I Do I Do I Do I Do I  Do I Do/Honey Honey/Dum Dum Diddle (Gunilla Backman, Tove Jaarnek, Jenny Berggren and Magnus Carlsson)
12. When I Kissed the Teacher (Jerry Williams)
13. Thank You For the Music (Mats Ronander)
14. Gimme Gimme Gimme (Tove Jaarnek, Jenny Berggren and Magnus Carlsson)
15. Mamma Mia (Gunilla Backman)
16. Eagle (Thomas Di Leva)
17. SOS (Lilling Palmeklint, Britta Bergström, Nicklas Gabrielson)
18. Knowing Me Knowing You (Jerry Williams)
19. Money Money Money (Jenny Berggren)
20. My Love, My Life (Gunilla Backman)
21. On and On and On (Mats Ronander)
22. Take a Chance on Me (Gunilla Backman, Tove Jaarnek and Jenny Berggren)
23. If It Wasn’t For the Night (Magnus Carlsson)
24. The Winner Takes It All (Thomas Di Leva)
25. Dancing Queen (Gunilla Backman, Tove Jaarnek, Jenny Berggren)
26. Hole In Your Soul (Gunilla Backman, Tove Jaarnek, Jenny Berggren, Magnus Carlsson and Mats Ronander)
27. So Long (all)
28. Bang a Boomerang/Ring Ring/Waterloo (Gunilla Backman, Tove Jaarnek, Jenny Berggren and Magnus Carlsson)
29. The Way Old Friends Do (all)

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