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Born May, 19th 1972 in Gothenburg, Sweden as the youngest of 3 children. She was raised in a Christian home in the Gothenburg suburbs. The home was usually filled with music, which had a big impact on Jenny’s future life. Jenny learned to play the violin but rather sang the notes instead of playing them. She begged her parents to skip the violin playing and wanted to take singing lessons instead.

At the age of 14 she joined her brother’s band, which would become Ace of Base, later to become one of Sweden’s biggest music exports ever. The band broke the sale records with their debut album world wide, which sold more than 23 million copies worldwide.

She’s married to Jakob Petrén since August 2004. Together they have 2 children so far, a little boy born in July 2005 and a little daughter born in February 2007. Religion and Christianity was always a big part in Jenny’s life. At the age of 16 she joined the Christian leaders in Åh Stiftsgard Church to educate children about belief. Her aim is and has  always been to pass on her trust and belief in God. All her life she sang in several choirs and ensembles besides Ace of Base. So even when she was famous with Ace of Base and touring the continent as a celebrity, she would still take five weeks off in the summer to return to this home base life for her.

But Ace of Base is just one reference on a long list. She started in the early 90’s to do a few lead vocals on Masques album. At the end of the 90’s she was singing in a band called Eja, performing at different Christian festivals around Sweden. In 2003 – 2004 she was involved in the Christian project „Psalmer För Livet“ together with Jakob Petrén and several other gifted musicians. In 2006, she released an album together with several other well-known Swedish musicians under the name „Arose“. As she took part in several charity projects, one of the results was the record „En Utsträkt Hand“, which was released to raise money for the homeless people in western Sweden. In 2007, she was a lead part of the show with the Original ABBA Orchestra, performing many ABBA songs that can be heard in the hit Broadway play and movie, „Mamma Mia“. She performed live in whole Sweden together with Gunilla Backman, Magnus Carlsson, Thomas Di Leva, Tove Jaarnek and Jerry Williams.

During all these years and amidst all of these projects, Jenny was also holding lectures all over Sweden. At one of these lectures Anna Braw, who is a journalist for the Swedish paper Dagen and working at Libris, a Swedish book publishing company, paid attention to Jenny’s story and suggested to publish a book about Jenny’s life. The autobiography was published in September 2009. In 2010 Jenny released her first Solo Album "My Story" with the Singles "Here I Am" and "Gotta Go".  In 2015 Jenny was part of the TV show "Så mycket bättre" the Swedish version of „Sing My Song“ and released 6 songs. 2023 Jenny released a new single "Open And Alive".

Jenny is currently touring around the World, mostly in Europe.

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