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When Jenny and Magnus Rosén met at a demonstration against the closing of a music school they didn’t know where destiny would lead them. But as both are musicians with heart and soul it was just a question of time until the conversation led to the fave topic. Magnus told Jenny hat he is about to start a new project with some very dedicated musicians, something that will deal with funk and jazz. This project turned out to be AROSE!

Arose consisted of

Magnus Rosén – Bass (Hammerfall) – boss of the band
Emrik Larsson –  Leadvocals, backing vocals & songwriter (ex. Stonefunkers)
Imre Daun – Drums
Glen Sandgren – Guitars
Jenny Berggren – Leadvocals & backing vocals

Their album „Arose“ was released in February 2006.

Read our Interview with Magnus Rosén here.
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